View Full Version : So Cal Titan Elite Arm strength & injury prevention program for 3 Months

06-07-2012, 03:33 AM
So Cal Titan Elite is start up are throwing program to help today's youth understand the importance of maintaining a healthy arm and body. We are putting together a 3 month long throwing and conditioning program to help improve young mens arm strength. The program will be 2 times a week for three months.

What the program will consist of is: Proper stretching techniques, Proper Jager band work-out, Proper catch and Long Toss, Conditioning and core work outs. Our goal of this program is to help each individual gain anywhere from 1-5 MPH on their fastballs. Help improve arm strength and build muscles that can help decelerate the arm on the follow through.

We are looking to max this out at 40 kids per session so we can get as much 1 on 1 training as possible. Like mentioning the program will run 3 months long at 2 times a week. If you would be interested in signing up your boy and obtaining further information on cost and location, please feel free to email me at titanelitebaseball@gmail.com

The age group we would like to have is from 12-17 years old.

PLease email if you are interested because we would like to start at the beginning of July.

Thanks Titan Elite