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Thread: Bat Hawks BBC 12U - Impact Player needed

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    Bat Hawks BBC 12U - Impact Player needed

    12u Full time Solid team with great players and families.

    Full time travel, UTrip Winter League, UTrip Tournaments two or three a month, triple crown spring training in AZ, World Series, vegas Labor Day. 6th/7th grade 12u. Year round with break in August only. Building towards high school and high school showcase.

    Agility workouts with multiple cage setup @ Glendora Frozen Ropes including access to driveline and other programs for development. Weekend skill practices on off-weekends. Constantly working to improve adding trx body weight training this year as well.

    Looking for one impact player. Tryouts available Tuesdays or Thursdays.

    Contact Warren
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    ...Full Time Travel only...

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    ...Full Time Travel only...

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