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Thread: Carson Hammerheads looking for 13U players

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    Carson Hammerheads looking for 13U players

    Looking for 13U (2005 and younger) players to play with team through spring 2019

    Currently playing 2 leagues + 1 tournament /month.

    Practices held in Carson and Harbor city.

    Very fun but disciplined group of kids & coaching staff.

    We charge $20/month....yes that's it. All monies go back directly to players via practice facilities /equipment. We've been told to charge the normal $100-200.
    But our coaching staff with 10, 15, 20+ years of experience have never profited from coaching.

    If you take baseball practice /games seriously and your boy is willing to put in the work ...we're a match. (Our 13U boys are currently playing against both 13U and 14U divisions)

    Please contact Hanz 310 344-2817.
    Leave a message or text any time.
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