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CCYB Entry Form:


Sign Up Steps

#1: - Request in invite from the links on the front page of

#2: Mail or email in the entry form. We must have entry form to add your team to the schedule.

#3: Pay the entry fee of $425.00. Either via the Team Store link on the front page of, or via mailing in a check to CCYB.

#4: Add roster to the Perfect Game roster. (We will send you a link once your payment has been made.)

#5: Players will add there profiles to your Perfect Game Roster.

#6 You will receive a roster link once payment has been received.  If you have lost your link or misplaced the email please notify me immediately so I may resend it to you.  Each player’s information must be completely accurate.  Perfect Game will not accept/decline generic or multiple players with the same information.  This is to benefit the players and their profiles as they participate in PG events through out their career.  Once rosters/players are accepted parents will need to electronically sign 2 waivers to be eligible to participate.  Parents will also have access to their son’s profile to update personal information as needed.

#7: will post intial games for both teams to confirm games with each other.
CCYB sets them up, teams confirm, then games will show up on the Perfect Game schedule webpage.

#8: Teams e-mail in scores to Standings are current on

#9: Teams must be registered on the website. They must upload there insurance naming Perfect Game as additionally insured. You can also purchase your team insurance via Perfect Game. CCYB games and Events are part of the Perfect Game sanctioning body. We will work with your insurance and any special city or school districts needs.



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