Umpires can explain any questions before your games start. We basically go with High School Federation
rules and Pony League distances.

2023/24 CCYB – Adidas


…Confirm schedule and field directions 4–5 days prior to games with other team. E-mail
and let the league know that the game has been confirmed by both teams.

Reccommened Base and Pitching Distances. Some fields will vary.

8/9yr – 46/48 x 65
10yr – 46/48 x 65
11/12yr – 50 x 70
13yr – 54 x 80
14-18yr – 60 x 90

Reccommened 7 inning Game Time limits.
(No new inning after. We do not have a drop dead rule.)

8/9yr – 1:50 (5 run scored max per inning) 6 inn games
10yr – 2:00
11/12yr – 2:00
13yr – 2:00
14-18yr – 2:15

Mercy Rules:
15 runs after 3 inn
10 runs after 4 inn
8 runs after 5 inn
(League play minimum game time is 1:45.  So if we get a mercy early on, the game continues.)

Pregame Meeting Rules…
Both teams please pay the umpire…..
$45.00 per game, per team for 5 inning game. (1:45) $90.00 total umpire fee
$50.00 per game, per team for 7 inning game. (2:00) $100.00 total umpire fee
$60.00 per game, per team for a 9 inning game. (2:30) $120.00 total umpire fee

Non Host teams $20.00 field rental fee per game at the umpire meeting. ($40.00 for DH)
With the high cost of teams having to rent field time this $20.00 fee is mandatory paid
at the pregame meeting. Some fields will be less quality than others, full payment is still expected.
Must be collected at start of games. CCYB will not chase down field rental fees.

Go over any special playing rules or ground rules at this time.
Both teams need to bring enough game balls for each game played
Game time starts at first warm up pitch or when ever the umpires calls game time start.

Bat Rules…

14u and above… 
All bats must be -3 bats and must be stamped bbcor. Wood bats are allowed.
13u and below…
All Bats -5 or greater must be stamped bpf 1.15. Bats must be a baseball
bat – no restriction on weight or length as long as bat has “bpf 1.15” stamp. All -3 bats
must be stamped bbcor. Bat rules apply to the age division you are playing in (not the age of the player or team). Wood bats are allowed.

Penalties for illegal bats will be assessed as follows:
If it is discovered before the batter gets in the box, you remove the
bat. Once the batter gets in the box and it is discovered, the bat is removed and the batter
is out.

… Do not warm up on infield grass and infield dirt. Play catch on the outfield grass area only.

… Do not hit baseballs into chain link fences.

… Pick up all trash after the game not only in your dugout area, but also your teams seating area.

…  Support the home team’s snack shack.

…  Help keep restrooms clean.

…  Park in approved parking stalls only.

…  Teams should alternate home and away when playing double headers. (Host team home the second game.)

… Avoid loud negative comments towards umpire, players or spectators. We need to promote Sportsmanship.

…  E-mail in scores of all games within 24 hours to league office. Please put age level, team name & team contact on all e-mails.

… Turn in all forms and league paperwork on time.

… Help build our league in all age levels. Encourage other teams to join our league.

… Time in between double headers should be at least 20 minutes and not more than 30 minutes.

… Asking players to switch teams or even making a spot open for a player on your team for a player who is already on another team is not good for travel baseball. The signing period for players should be from when the Spring Season ends to when Winter Ball starts. Teams that allow players already on a team during the season are not helping promote travel baseball. Please only make roster spots for free agents! The $7.00 award you’re fighting for is not worth teaching players and families to not fulfill their commitments to the team they joined first.

…  Steal Cleats are not allowed in ages 12 and below. Some fields and teams that use portable
mounds may also not allow them in ages 13 and above. When confirming your games with the host team always make sure that steal cleats are allowed no matter what age level your in.

… Game line up with roster of all eligible players should be traded with the other team before the start of every game at the umpire meeting. If you have a player coming late or leaving early, you just need to let the other team know before the game.

Todd Rogers