Common Questions and Answers 
….Confirm schedule and field directions 4–5 days prior to games with other team. E-mail and let the league know that the game has been confirmed by both teams. Communication of this helps the league run smooth. We also use this feature in the league to send umpires to your games.

….Our Venmo info is…. @Todd-Rogers-CCYB   (1095)

….If you are having to scroll down a lot using on your phone you just need to change a setting on your phone.  When on the page, click the button that will have your cell phone view the page as a DESK TOP view.  This way the website will much easier on you.

Any umpire issues or problems please call the head umpire Jack Thomas at 310-962-7182.

….5 inn Game fees are $45.00 Umpire fee PER GAME, per team, and $20.00 Field fee PER GAME (1:45)
….7 inn Game fees are $50.00 Umpire fee PER GAME, per team, and $20.00 Field fee PER GAME (2:00)
….9 inn Game fees are $60.00 Umpire fee PER GAME, per team and $20.00 Field fee PER GAME (2:30)

….Teams can sign up in the CCYB league without a home field. Once in a while we have a problem with enough fields or decent match ups, but we normally make it work.

….The front page of has a field directions link. If you see a field that we are missing please feel free to email the fields name and address and we will post it. If a field has any special notes that teams should know about feel free to let us know and we will post it on the fields address link.

….Teams can play as many or as little amount of games as they want. CCYB does the schedules from info on each teams entry forms. Teams can take any weekend off they want. If there is a tournament your team wants to sign up in, you just ask CCYB off for that weekend. Always give us a few weeks notice so we do not leave another team without games. Teams can update their game and home field schedule requests at any time during the season. Early is always better so we do not leave teams without games.

….There is no difference between the American and National divisions in the age levels. We just have two different divisions because we have so many teams.

….CCYB does the schedules a few weeks in advance, this helps teams change there availability and also helps us match up the winning teams and weaker teams better. Keep in mind if two strong teams do not have a home field, they might not get to play each other.

….Teams can sign up and pay on line. There is a Pay Pal button on the  Pay link via the front page of You can scan or copy and paste the CCYB Entry form and e-mail it in to us.  Teams can also use our Venmo.. @Todd-Rogers-CCYB.  Please always include age level and team name.

….CCYB schedules all games in the league. We use the entry forms teams turn in to do the schedules. Special game requests are sometimes difficult for us to accommodate due to the many factors that go into the full season schedule process. 

Generic Sign Up Info…

…. CCYB Entry Form ….
CCYB entry form is the form that CCYB does the league schedules from. The most important thing is to send the CCYB
entry form in as early as possible so we can get a jump on your teams schedules.)


Todd Rogers