May 24-27, 2024
Great Park in Irvine
CCYB Memorial Weekend Adidas Spikes 

May 24-27, 2024
Great Park – Irvine
Ages: 14 & 16
$8.00 Gate fee (Credit card, Zelle & Venmo only.)  Cash only if last resort.  Trying to keep cash away from public places.
We have two batting cages available during the tournament.
Three 9 inning games, top 4 teams make playoffs.  (Wood Bat)
Playoffs – 7 inn games
12 pairs of new Adidas Spikes for Championship Teams
HOTEL LINK – Memorial Weekend

Team cost – $1295.00

Los Angeles Angels CCYB group ticket deal for this weekend.


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Tournament Director – Todd Rogers

Hotel Link below


Hotel link below has great team friendly hotels in great locations for the tournament
HOTEL LINK – Memorial Weekend


Each team will play three 9 inning games, no new inning after 2 hours 25 min.  5 run max per inning, except the last inning.  Two minute between innings, 30 second pitch count requested.  Top 4 seeds make playoff round Monday night.  Winning teams will give me their Spike sizes Monday night and Spikes will be sent to the coach.  Playoff games are 7 innings.  Tournament is Wood Bat.  $8.00 gate fee at most fields.  Credit Card, Zelle or Venmo only.

Teams must give the umpire a lineup card.  Can bat 9, 10 with a DH or 11 with a XH.  We do not have pitching rules.  Real baseball by real coaches is our goal.  🙂

Mercy Rules
10 after 6
8 after 7


Todd Rogers