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  1. Hard 9 Baseball Club
  2. So. Cal Bruins Baseball Program is expanding!!!
  3. 18U Cecil Fielders Elite World Series Qualifier (Wood Bat) 9/3-9/5 in Escondido, CA
  4. 18U & 16U San Diego Game Face Baseball Tryouts w/ Damian Jackson 8/27
  5. 14U & 12U San Diego Game Face Baseball Tryouts 8/28
  6. 14u oc sharks looking for catcher
  7. 12u dirt dawgs looking for players for their 2012 season
  8. So Cal Mavericks 11U, 10U and 9U Workouts- This Week
  9. Thunder 12U looking for an Infielder
  10. Oakley stingrays 9u tryouts
  11. So Cal Gamecocks 10u Major
  12. SO CAl United To Host Tryouts For 10U and 11U Teams
  13. 12u, 13u and 14u Yorba Linda Colts
  14. Oakley Stingrays 8U Try Outs
  15. Roster Openings for Southern California Bombers
  16. 11U La Canada/Pasadena Area New Team Forming
  17. So. Cal. SASR's Baseball Club 13u Looking for Players near Ontario/Upland/Chino area
  18. Ladera Grays 12U National - pitcher wanted
  19. New 14u team for the 2012 age group.
  20. 12U Fullerton Hornets (looking for a few Cooperstown players)
  22. 7U FCBA COBRAS looking for player
  23. SoCal Bulldogs 8u looking for players
  24. 13U Looking for players
  25. playhardbaseball club. Tryouts Sept17th at Pasadena H.S.Ages 10 tru 18. 9am-1pm
  26. Angels Baseball Academy 12u looking for gamers.
  27. Fullerton Titans looking for players Ages 9-12
  28. 12U Thunder seeking Middle Infielder
  29. ** 12u Dirt Dawgs looking for players to solidify rosters ***
  30. 12U & 13U Yorba Linda Colts Tryouts
  31. Park Bums Baseball Teams Looking for Players 6U, 7U, 8U, 9U and 13U
  32. 12u California Lumberjacks Hosting Tryouts Sept. 24, 2011
  33. PHANTOMS travel baseball team looking for a 13U catcher
  34. 6u GG Hustle
  35. Whittier Kaos 9u looking for players
  36. So-cal bombers 12u tryouts
  37. 13U Majors Team - Catcher Needed
  38. SoCalOutlaws 6u looking for players!
  39. 13U looking for a catcher
  40. South Bay Dirtbags 10u team looking for kids that want to tryout
  41. Impact Player 15u Freshman Team Looking For Players
  42. Angels Baseball Academy 12U looking for players
  43. 12u & 13U Yorba Linda Colts Tryouts
  44. 14u tomateros maroon! Looking for a catcher with a strong bat for this weekend
  45. 12U Thunder looking for a Catcher
  46. Nomads 11u Open try outs
  47. 14U HS Prep Team Looking for Pitchers in OC
  48. *** 12u Dirt Dawgs Elite Looking for 1 player ***
  49. 11U So Cal United Blue Team looking for catcher
  50. Blue Wave 10U Team Forming
  51. Blue Wave 18U, 16U, and 15U Openings
  52. Whittier kaos 10u looking for players
  53. Cory Lidle Baseball- 13U team... now forming!
  54. 13U Majors Team Looking for a Cathcer
  55. OC Bulldogs 10U Baseball
  56. 13u Majors - Lifeletics FURY Elite is looking for players
  57. Southern California Bombers - Roster Openings
  58. 12u so cal shogun bbc
  59. Temecula Sox 13U Looking for players
  60. 12U California Lumberjacks Hosting Open Work-Out/Try-Out on Sunday, October 23, 2011
  61. 10U FUllerton Titans
  62. YL Colts - Looking for 12U & 13U pitchers
  63. 9U OC Dodgers - Silver Team looking for 2 Players
  64. Oc elite 6u
  65. So cal bombers 8u
  66. Team Premier 12u-AAA
  67. 10U Fullerton Titans Looking For a Couple Players
  68. Titans Baseball Club T-Ball Clinic - Camp - League
  69. So cal gamecocks 10u major
  70. 7u team looking to add
  71. 12U FCBA Cobras
  72. 13/14u Looking for Players
  73. 9U 10U Dirtbags looking for a couple of players
  74. Oakley Stingrays 8U looking to Add to Roster
  75. Cory Lidle Baseball 9U is looking for the right (2) players to add to their roster.
  76. 10U Fullerton Titans Looking for Travel Ball Experienced Players
  77. Titan Elite 10U 11U 12U and 14U teams looking for players.
  78. West Coast 14u Looking for players
  79. 11U Major Team Looking to add a player
  80. Mission Viejo Blackhawks looking for 8 U players for up coming Tournament
  81. 7u fcba cobras looking to add to current rosters
  82. Mission Viejo Blackhawks 8 U is looking for players
  83. Blue Wave Looking For Top Players For 18U Cecil Fielder Elite World Series
  84. Looking for 10U players with solid talent credentials
  85. Need 11U Ball Players Especially Pitchers
  86. OC Friars 12U Looking for Players for all Positions
  87. {{{{{ 14u BASEBALL WEST COAST Looking to add players}}}}}}}}
  88. Baseball West Coast 11u and 10u looking to add players
  89. FCBA Titans 11-U team is looking for 1 player to guest play with us this weekend
  90. Open workouts (6u oc elite)
  91. 14U Open Tryouts Canyon Colt .45s - Looking for players at all positions
  92. Beach Cyclones 10u looking for players. Contact Jesse Martinez 562-972-4055
  93. Militia BBC 14U Is Looking for an Experienced Pitcher
  94. 12U, 13U and 14U Yorba Linda Colts Spring Tryouts
  95. 12U - South O.C. - Player Wanted
  96. 12u California Lumberjacks Red Looking For a Catcher.
  97. 10U OC Bulldogs - Players Needed
  98. So Cal Bombers 9u tryouts
  99. Need 13u player for Tourney
  100. Titan Elite Tryouts
  101. 12u Inland Empire Sixty Sixers are looking to add one player
  102. So Cal Bombers TRYOUTS
  103. Mission Viejo Blackhawks looking for 9 U players
  104. OC Dodgers 9U - Silver Team looking for 2 more players
  105. OC Friars 12U Looking for a few more Players
  106. 8u Team in Temecula looking for a catcher
  107. 12U Titan Elite Looking for a couple players
  108. 12u Real Deal Baseball Spring 2012
  109. 13u Real Deal Baseball Spring 2012
  110. 11U Scorpions - Open Tryout
  111. 12U, 13U & 14U Yorba Linda Colts Spring Tryouts
  112. 12u California Lumberjacks Red Looking for a Catcher
  113. Sc scrappers 10- majors
  114. Canyon Colt 45's 14U Open Tryouts
  115. 11u Badeball West Coast adding players
  116. 14u team looking for a catcher
  117. New 8u team forming in Riverside,Ca.
  118. 12u Inland Empire Sixty Sixers are looking to add one player
  119. 11u So cal Bombers
  120. 3-Time 13U USSSA AA/AAA Tournament Champions (Orange County)
  121. 18U Cecil Fielder WOrld Series Players Needed
  122. 18USan Diego Game Face Looking for Quality Pitchers for tournament 12/17-12/21
  123. Titan Elite Tryouts- 9U-14U
  124. Team Marucci Dirtdogs are holding tryouts for Spring Season 13U & 14U
  125. Titan Elite Spring Tryout 9U-14U
  126. Blue Wave Spring 2012 Tryouts
  127. 11U New Team Forming -- Yorba Linda Colts Baseball Club
  128. 12U, 13U & 14U Yorba Linda Colts Spring Tryouts
  129. 10U Players needed for Spring/Summer 2012 competion Pitchers and Catchers Especially!
  130. !!!!Baseball West Coast 13 /14u tryouts!!!!january 8th 2012
  131. SGV HUSTLE 7u looking for players if interested contact moises escobedo (626)392-1961
  132. 13u OC Breakers looking for players
  133. Los yaquis de california 11u - tryouts - riverside, ca
  134. Titan Elite Tryouts 9U to 14U
  135. Bruisers looking to add to there Roster
  136. The Cory Lidle 13U team is adding players.
  137. Blue Wave 14U-Coach Aron Garcia seeks 3 players to fill out Spring roster
  138. Blue Wave 10U-Irvine/Newport/CDM Needs 3 More players
  139. Militia BBC 14U Has an Opening for the Right Player
  140. Riverside roughriders 11u - holding tryouts
  141. 14U & 13U Open Tryouts Colt 45s Anaheim Hills
  142. 14u Real Deal Baseball Spring 2012
  143. 13u Real Deal Baseball Spring 2012
  144. 11U So Cal Bombers
  145. 13u mp astros spring baseball tryouts
  146. Titan Elite Spring Tryouts ages 9-14
  147. Oc breakers 13u - tryouts saturday 12/31/11
  148. Brea Wildcats Baseball -7th & 8th Grade Tryouts
  149. !!!!Baseball West Coast 14u tryouts!!!!january 8th 2012
  150. 11U New Team Forming -- Yorba Linda Colts Baseball Club
  151. 12U, 13U & 14U Yorba Linda Colts Spring Tryouts
  152. Impact Player 7th or 8th Graders 14u team Looking for Players
  153. SO Cal United 11U Blue Team Looking for 1 Experienced Travel Ball Player
  154. Final week of tryouts of the premier inland valley travel team!
  155. 13u oc breakers tryouts 1/5 & 1/7
  156. Trombly Baseball (Tryouts for 14U, 13U and 12U teams)
  157. SGV Cobras 14U looking for players
  158. 11U Baseball Academy Scorpions Looking for Couple of Players...
  159. 11u SO Cal Hustle looking
  160. 14u team looking for catcher and pitcher
  162. Red Shirt College Freshman / High School 9th,10th,11th and 12th graders not playing H
  163. Raise Your Game 8u A -team now forming!!!!!
  164. 12
  165. 12 - 14U Tryouts: Yorba Linda Colts Baseball
  166. 11u - Yorba Linda Colts
  167. 13u/14u OC Breakers Tryouts 1/19/12
  168. 13u mp astros tryouts jan. 14th for 2012 spring season
  169. SGV Arsenal Tryouts
  170. 12u California Lumberjacks Red (Chino) Looking For a Pitcher and Catcher
  171. So-cal bombers 12u
  172. Placentia Mustangs - USA Baseball - 14, 15 & 17
  173. Blue Wave Has 1 or 2 openings on 10U, 11U, and 14U Spring Teams
  174. 9U La Crescenta Thunder tryout on 1/29/12 for spring season
  175. 11u team looking for a couple players
  176. FCBA Cobras 7U
  177. BASEBALL WEST COAST 13u team forming.
  178. 8U Valley Cats Baseball
  179. 13 U Lakewood Piranhas is looking for a few players
  180. 10U T2 Cougars Looking for a Player
  181. So Cal Mulisha 8U Tryouts
  182. So Cal Mulisha 6U Forming
  183. Team GX3 12u Majors looking 1-2 players
  184. Thz 11u so cal xtreme is looking for 2 dedicated baseball players
  185. The Hitting Zone Baseball Academy Is Looking For 13u Players
  186. 9U OC Dodgers Silver Looking For 1 More Player
  187. CV Crush 12U Looking for 2 Players
  188. 11u Outlaw Apparel Baseball looking for 2 players
  189. 14u team looking for catcher for this weekend
  190. Team Marucci Dirtdogs are looking for 13U & 14U players for Spring Season
  191. Team Marucci are looking for top players for 17U and 15U USA Baseball Showcase
  192. *** 12u Dirt Dawgs Looking for 1-2 players ***
  193. So Cal Bombers 8u.
  194. Don't let your hard work go to waste!!!!
  195. SGV Hustle
  196. 12u Yorba Linda Colts: Catcher / Pitcher Opportunity.
  197. 11U and 14U players wanted Titan Elite
  198. 13U OC Breakers holding Tryouts
  199. 9u Inland Valley Outlaws looking for 2 players
  200. So. Cal Mizuno 12u Team Looking for Players
  201. Pony basbeball team looking for players for the Pony season (extra baseball for kids)
  202. 14U So Cal Hogs - Looking for players
  203. 14u Real Deal Baseball Teams
  204. 9/10u Titan Elite Team
  205. 13U MP ASTROS looking for a catcher
  206. Bulldogs baseball really rocks!
  207. Titan Elite
  208. So Cal Outlaws 11u looking for players
  209. 13u Baseball West Coast tryouts. !!!!
  210. Trombly Baseball 14U and 13U teams looking for players
  211. 14u team with 2 spots
  212. Blue Wave 12U Wants Cooperstown-bound Shortstop
  213. Blue Wave 11U Looking For Irvine-Newport Players
  214. Titan Elite 11U
  215. 8u SGV Hustle
  217. Titan Elite 11U
  218. 13u OC Breakers looking for players
  219. 12U Yorba Linda Colts -- Looking for a player.
  220. Oakley Stingrays 8U Team Looking for Impact Players to add to their roster!
  221. 10U - New So Cal Outlaws 10 U
  222. 13U MP Astros looking for MI that can also play OF
  223. So Cal Outlaws 11u looking for players
  224. So Cal Xtreme 11u Looking For A Middle Infielder And Pitcher
  225. Looking for an experienced 10U travel player that pitches
  226. Coopeerstown 2012
  227. Impact player baseball organization
  228. Cal State Fullerton T-Ball Camp / Clinic / Games....
  229. 9U OC Dodgers Looking for 2 Impact Players
  230. Real Deal Baseball 14u
  231. 14u Looking for 2 players
  232. Blue Wave Looking for 3 Legit 14U spring players to go to 15U Junior Olympics
  233. Bombers - Tryouts for 14u USA Baseball Tournament
  234. IHN Warriors 13U Upland/Claremont
  235. 13u Baseball West Coast adding players
  236. 8U Valley Cats BB
  237. A obtain a seem at real Jerseys
  238. Travel Ball Tryouts 10U-13U
  239. 7u travel team looking for strong players
  240. 8U So Cal Mulisha BB
  241. So cal prospects 10u looking for ball players
  242. OC Premier Baseball 16u & 18u Summer Ball
  243. Perform to Pandora diamond jewelry A dealer Heritage
  244. 2 Candidates to Replace Pep Guardiola If He Leaves This Summer
  245. Laguna Hills High School Feeder Team
  246. Titan Elite 10U and 12U Teams
  247. OC Dodgers 9U
  248. 13u mp astros looking for 2
  249. So. Cal Express 12U Looking to add talent.....
  250. Lifeletics FURY Elite looking for 14u players