Welcome to our 16 yr old and above spring league. We are joining with a few programs that already play late Feb through the end of May. We are starting a new program for 16s and above to find a place to play that need help due to their unique set of circumstances.

We ARE NOT looking for players playing high school baseball and not trying to compete with high school baseball. We are here to help players that have no place to play. This could be for academic issues, red shirt players, home school students with no team to play for, transfer players, NCAA Portal players, players cut from their team and various other issues. We have teams in South and North Orange County, Riverside county, San Gabriel Valley, LA County, San Bernardino. We have no rules on players, each program will handle it on a case by case scenario.

Costs and program set-up vary by program. Common costs are $250.00 per month plus $20.00 per game umpire / field fee. Uniform and start ups all vary. As a league we will try to match players with teams location and other factors best for each player involved.

CCYB.net will post the schedules and teams on the website. Season runs from late February through June. Will be a few midweek night games, but mostly DH’s on the weekend. Some Saturdays and mostly Sundays for the games. Some programs will have two different levels of play.

Teams last year played in front of many pro and college scouts. Programs like BPA and CBA have had a lot of success helping players find colleges and places to play in the future from this program. We are trying to use their success model and put an organized league together.

Any questions feel free to email us at CCYBnet@gmail.com. CCYB.net also has a new player invite link to send us your info. We will get back to you via the information submitted.

Todd Rogers