Baseball at its best!

CSF Baseball Team Interactive Showcase Tournament
Great Park Irvine & Goodwin Field
July 19-21, 2019
3 games plus a tour of Cal State Fullerton
Ages: 14u, 16u, 18u

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Tournament Director – Todd Rogers

Hotel Link – Hotel Fullerton

INFO: Tournament is a TEAM SHOWCASE style tournament.  Instead of the typical “coaches behind home plate” team showcase camp, this event will have a current or past
CSF Baseball player in the dugout with the team during each of the games.  The player will not coach the team, but interact with the players during the game.  He will answer questions, give coaching advice, talk about college baseball life, etc.  This will give the teams players the chance to hear from a player directly who is or has gone through CSF baseball personally.
He will also identify strong players first hand and report to the CSF coaching staff.

Bbcor is the bat for this event.

All 18 and 16’s teams will have a game at CSF.  14’s will have all games at the Great Park.  1:45 before your start game at CSF is the 18 and 16’s time slot for the walking tour at CSF.  Players and parents are welcome to attend.  It will last 45 minutes to 1 hour.  Players can leave there equipment bags on the top row of seats above there dugout at CSF.  14’s teams can select any time slot on the weekend for there tour.  Just pick 1:45 hour before any of the 18 or 16’s games planned at CSF and show up then.

Once time is confirmed we will post it on the game schedule on the website…..  CSF recruiting coaches will be giving talks at the great park.  Might have a group talk in the middle of the complex, or have them visit each dugout.

All teams need to email a copy of there roster and player info to  This way we can can have everyone’s information for the CSF staff.

Parking is free at CSF after 6:00pm on Friday and free Sat and Sun.

High School Federation rules will be in affect.  Max 5 runs per inning.

Please have players retrieve foul balls.

-Mercy rules- 15 runs after 3 innings, 10 after four innings & 8 runs after 5 innings

7 inning games with a 2:00 hour no new inning

Courtesy runners will be allowed for the pitcher or catcher at any time.

Teams may elect to bat 9 players AND/OR bat 10 or 11 players with the 10/11th player being an EH.  The EH is considered a defensive player and may switch in and out defensively.  Teams may also bat their entire roster.

All players must slide to avoid.

PITCHING REGULATIONS – PitchSmart rules will be in effect.  Teams monitor themselves.

-All lineup changes must go through the home plate umpire, home team is official scorekeeper

All teams must stay in tournament listed hotels.  Please e-mail Kacie Garcia at for any questions.